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can you transfer money from edd card to bank account

Yes, You can transfer money from edd card to your bank account easily. The following procedure is given below and you go through that to transfer your funds to your main account easily.

First of all, you need the EDD ( Employment Development Department) card which is issued by the government. This scheme has come from the last three years. Everyone has to receive the unemployment scheme funds. To transfer money from your EDD card you need to have must Bank of America account only.

Then you need an alternate account to withdraw the funds from the EDD. Better to choose your mom’s or dad account has a alternate account or else you can choose a friends account also.

can you transfer money from edd card to bank account
can you transfer money from edd card to bank account

The next step is that you need to go to the nearest ATM in your area Because if you want to withdraw or transfer money from a digital service it will throw an error on you and the card will be blocked. So don’t use the digital services or any mobile application.

The next thing inserts your EDD card into ATM and enter your password and then choose the Banking services and select the transfer option in ATM and then you need to enter the amount how much you want to transfer to your bank account.

Then choose and Enter your alternate Bank account number which you bought from your family, friends, or relation. Then it will send the amount to your alternate account. From that, you can use any digital service application and transfer it to your account easily.

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