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How to delete Instacart account

Here there is a simple trick How to delete Instacart account permanently. I will tell you the complete process of how to delete the Instacart account. Before this, you need to know what is Instacart and what purpose it uses. Let’s begin:

We Know that Instacart is a site that offers online buy items and other food items. It has several options and other products which people need nowadays for their livelihood. If you want a shopping from home and you need delivery on that day means Instacart is the best application to use for your home needs items.

This Instacart is present In both the android and IOS platforms and It also their in website. All you need to do is install the application from the IOS store or Play store or visit the website. Here there is a link to

How to delete Instacart account
How to delete Instacart account

How to delete Instacart account

Everyone is looking that they want to delete the Instacart account permanently but there no option in that site or mobile application to delete the Instacart account. But O brought the simple trick you use this trick to delete the Instacart account.

Here there is a complete step-by-step process to delete the Instacart account. Follow the steps and delete the account. I think everyone is worrying about their order history and cache present in the Instacart account. This process helps you to delete the Instacart account easily.

1.Log in or sign up into Instacart

The first step is to delete the Instacart account you need to log in to the Instacart account or else if you don’t have an account you are trying for trial you need to create the account and you will move forward.

  1. Login to the Official website
  2. Sign up for the new account in
  3. Enter your email address in the given section.
  4. Type your password which you have chosen to create the account of
  5. To sign up you need your area ZIP code.
  6. Then you should enter your email address.
  7. And the account will create automatically and you will be redirected into the Instacart dashboard.

After completing all those steps you look at the dashboard if you are not familiar with Instacart then You can see the image below for clarification.

How to delete Instacart account

2. finding your account credential

This is the major step to find your dashboard and another setting. This step will help you to get closer to delete your account most people never find the dashboard Instacart and they Take a lot of time but no use. But in Mobile Application it’s too easy to find the Dashboard. To get your credential part of Instacart follow the steps below:

  1. After completing the above step you need to follow these steps.
  2. First, when you create or login to the account you will not find the menu bar.
  3. In the mobile application, you will see the Menu bar on the top left.
  4. While login you will see the top navigation bar but while sign up you will not see the top navigation bar.
  5. You can see the image below How its looks when you got to sign up with Instacart.

The interface will look like this in the image given below. But you no need to worry about in Mobile application.

How to delete Instacart account

3. Going to Account settings in Instacart

In this step, I will guide you on how to go into the account setting of the Instacart application or website. Just you need to follow these steps to get the account settings. This will help you to get deletion of the Instacart account permanently. Please follow these steps carefully. The steps given below:

  1. After getting the dashboard of your account.
  2. Then at the top right navigation bar, you will find the image.
  3. Click on that you will get the options which use to move for deleting the account.
  4. Click on the account setting option after clicking on the image on the top site with your user name.
  5. Then it will redirect to the setting page of Instacart where you will find all the options.

If don’t have clarity about the options I have provided the image below you can see it and move for further step also.

How to delete Instacart account

4. Deleting the Instacart account permanently

Now the actual process starts to delete the account permanently. This process has a little trick you need to follow this carefully and you 100% delete the Instacart account trust me. After completing the above steps you need to do these steps and you will delete the Instacart account permanently. Follow the steps:

  1. After entering in the account or your account setting.
  2. You will redirect to the Accounts operations page.
  3. Then you will see your registered email and with the password.
  4. Then you need to do edit the email address or click on the edit option.
  5. Then it will take to the edit option of your email.
  6. Next, you need to clear your registered email.
  7. And you need to enter any new unknown email address.
  8. Or enter a new unknown email with the following at the end
  9. Then you need to confirm the Unknown email in the second input box.
  10. And enter the password it also any unknown password.
  11. After completing these steps click on the update or save button.
  12. It will save the option clearly.
How to delete Instacart account

From the above steps, you will get the updated email address whatever you entered in the edit option. But make sure that don’t enter any personal email. By this simple trick, your personal email will erase from the database and you will not receive any notification from your Instacart account. Then you can logout of the Instacart account.

I think you all like this simple trick How to delete the Instacart account. Please like this post and you can share this post also. Thank you for visiting the

Frequently Asked Questions

How to cancel instacart account?

To close or to cancel the account of Instacart Just follow the steps given up. Just you need to change the email with an unknown email address and then logout from the changed email address through this you will not receive any notification from the

How much do instacart shoppers make?

Instacart shopper makes daily 30-40 dollars depending upon products and their rating. If you want to sell any items related to the grocery you can log on to and you can also sell the products whatever you have. It is the best platform to sell their own products at a better price.

If you have any comment or doubt in Instacart account or application just send the feedback and I will research about your topic and I will give the tricks or I will find the solution for you topic about But make sure to like this post I will share more ideas about the Instacart application.

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