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How to use google earth timelapse (with images)

Google introduced its update about the Google timelapse. But many users are facing so many problems that how to use google earth timelapse. In this article, I will teach you to complete how to use the Google earth timelapse with images.

Before that, I will share that why to introduce the google earth timelapse in another word we called has Google earth engine. We also discuss the reason behind the use of google earth timelapse and why it spent three years of time updating the google earth timelapse.

What is the reason to introduce google earth timelapse?

As Google CEO pointed the past three we have changing overworld with technology but what happens the demonstration of the environment and lacking the greenery on the earth. So it about climate change. So coming to the Google earth timelapse is that in this over 37 years ago we can see the how climate is changed and you locate many of reason.

The reason small and very thinkable that means you can watch the videos in 2D and 3D view and you can also see the before 37 years ago how the earth is and you will find one main thing in that is changing of technology and lacking climate.

Whereas google introduced this timelapse already 4 years ago but those features are not accommodate with users and they have updated the Google earth engine with more improvement in navigation and with more features this was officially announced by Google CEO.

Steps to use the Google earth timelapse

I will guide you completely on how to use the Google earth Timelapse and literally it is called as Google earth engine. You can follow the images also to use the Timelapse:

Step 1: Go to the official website of timelapse or Visit the Google Earth Engine.

how to use google earth timelapse

Step 2: The use of Google timelapse is so easy. see the image below how the website looks like.

how to use google earth timelapse

Step 3: If you won’t know-how is the earth in 1947 then in the down arrow you will find the past 37 years before 2021. Select the year to look at how the climate has been changed from 1947 to 2021 as a 2D view or the 3D view. You can also download the video from the Google earth engine with Mp4 quality.

how to use google earth timelapse

Step 4: you can also change the country where and which country do you want to see the climate change and you can also look at famous places and also check the status of that place by clicking the given introduction button. Or else you can watch the videos regarding the Google earth Timelapse on YouTube.

how to use google earth timelapse

Step 5: If you want to study the case on any topic regarding the habituated and living life on the earth just click the button on the top menu bar you will redirect to the case study pages and you can see all the case studies on that page. And this page will always be updated twice a week.

how to use google earth timelapse

At last in Google timelapse, there are a lot of data sets regarding climate and weather change you can see how the earth has changed past a few years ago. This very useful information from google where you can access any data set from Google Earth Engine.

I think you have liked this blog you have any query regarding Google earth timelapse you can comment me and if have any answer regarding timelapse then comment I will update and I will keep your name here. Thank you for visiting the Newspaperhindi

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