Thursday, June 17, 2021

https e-pass jantasamvad org e-pass init

Many people are worrying about https e-pass jantasamvad org e-pass init. Delhi has decided to take strict rule against covid cases are raising in Delhi. Delhi has decided to keep curfew till 26 April. And Delhi government also introduced e-pass who want to travel.

As the second wave of coronavirus raising in Delhi very rapidly and on Friday Delhi health department announced 24567 cases reported. Through this Delhi, the chief minister took the action to keep the curfew till 26 April.

How to apply for e-pass jantasamvad or https e-pass jantasamvad org e-pass init?

Delhi government has announced if anyone want to go out then they should need the e-pass certificate. In this, I am going to tell you about how to apply for the e-pass jantasamvad or https e-pass jantasamvad org e-pass init. Follow the steps clearly and carefully to get the fastest of your e-pass trevel.

Steps to apply for e-pass jantasamavad:

  • Only eligible people should apply for the curfew e-pass application.
  • Follow this link to apply for Delhi e-pass application
  • Then choose your preferred language In the best case selects the English language.
  • Then select the e-pass travel pass in curfew and hit the submit button and you will get one reference id and take the screenshot.
  • After you copy the reference id also.

Rules to follow while in curfew travel: Delhi:

While traveling in curfew you must carry your own sanitizer and wear a mask all the time while you boarding the bus or train. You must take the screenshot of the e-pass status and you will be given on date to travel. Just you get only one date you just travel in that day only.

You must need to carry a government-issued id card example aadhaar card or pan card. And from our side, we say you a happy journey and go safe. And make 12 feet distance from each person and follow all guidelines whichever given by Delhi government.

How to check status of  https e-pass jantasamvad org e-pass init:

If you are eagerly waiting for your e-pass application status you need not worry you check the status on time only in https e-pass jantasamvad org e-pass init. But you need to have your application number which you got before.

Steps to check the e-pass curfew travel status:

  • Follow this link and go to the website of Delhi curfew status check
  • Enter your reference id in the text box.
  • And hit the check status button.
  • You will get your e-pass status and take or print the application or download it in pdf format.
  • You can see the image below if you don’t have clarity.
https e-pass jantasamvad org e-pass init

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