keeping up foreign ig
keeping up foreign ig

keeping up foreign ig

Are you waiting for keeping up foreign IG ( Instagram account )? You are in the right place I will tell complete process of how to step your Instagram account as a foreign ig. To do this now need an Instagram account definitely. Here there are steps given below and follow that and you can keep your Instagram account as foreign IG.

Step 1: You need to Login into your Instagram account

Go to official Instagram site or use the Mobile app and type your username and password and login to your account. But if don’t have the Instagram account then you need to signup before keeping up foreign IG. I recommend you to use new Instagram account only because if you use the old Instagram account then you need to do lots of hard work.

keeping up foreign ig

Step 2: Move to Instagram setting options

Now the actual process starts with how to set up your Instagram account as a foreign Instagram. In setting you need only use the mobile app because Instagram only provides the options more in the mobile app rather than using the website of Instagram. Below you will see the setting option and setting as Foreign Instagram(IG).

In that, you can change the location where do you want to see all the users of your Instagram account and use all always #hashtags that related to which country do you need and always check whether using VPN of you can get your account in Foreign countries.

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