What Happened To James Bulgers Dad
What Happened To James Bulgers Dad

What Happened To James Bulgers Dad

The hot topic is that what happened to James bulgers dad? In this article, I will discuss a complete story about the killed son of Ralph Bulger. Where he went after killing his own son name called James bulger. According to Channel 5 documentary, the news is like this.

James Bulger’s dad married newly after killing his own wife. After that, he married new to Denis which another son was born to name, Micheal. According to Channel 5 documentary James’ father is alive and he is now there in an unknown place.

James’ father is still fighting with the high court in London because of his own 6 years son kidnapped and murder. But still, now James’ father fighting to get justice for his son in london high court.

In 2018 Ralph Bulger has an interview with the BBC tv network where he couldn’t find the justices still now for his son. James’ father also announced that he needs justice for his son on his 29th birthday.

What Happened To James Bulgers Dad

Presently viewer asking questions is that what happened to James’ father He is alive but facing some diseases or health issues of his organs. But James’ father is still alive and he is there in his native place and taking the treatment in his own house.

And most important thing is that James Bulger’s father killed two-member recently and he is now out of coverage area. Those are the two main victims who killed his son James’ bulger .

In the accident of killing that two members of the family he also got some wounds and blood least now he is alive and taking treatment in his home. James bulger father Ralph Bulger is alive and taking treatment where is got accidently wounds on his body while killing to Jon Venables.

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