why is pua website not working
why is pua website not working

why is pua website not working

I think you are looking for the unemployment site which is not working and also you people worried about the pua website of Pennsylvania. In this blog, I will discuss the pua website why it is not working and I will give the reason also please read the blog completely.

What is pua in Pennsylvania?

It is known as pandemic unemployment assistance for those who lose the jobs due to covid. This pua is providing you 79 weeks of covid benefits for those who lost the jobs. It will only useful only who are alone and it is not eligible for labor market also. And only for unemployed members. So lets us see why is pua website is not working.

It as several reasons why pua website is not opening but After researching a lot I got only two main reasons why the pua website is not opening. Those reasons are given below please read carefully and I was also given when the site will open to apply to get pua benefits.

Reason one why pua website is not opening:

The reason is simple it might be the problem of the server down or else any updates are going on. Next thing is that it may be a problem with your network so kindly check your network and then reloginin pua website and also it might be the problem of your browser cache so so to the setting and clear all your history. And then relogin again. It will open.

Steps to clear your browser cache:

  1. Start the browser and type in the search bar.
  2. Open the pua website if not opening.
  3. Click on the three dots or go to the setting.
  4. Then go to the history and then click on the advance tab.
  5. And then select all the option.
  6. Click on the submit button and you will clear all your cache and then reloginor open pua website.
why is pua website not working

Reason Two why pua website is not working

This might the problem of the government side so you need to wait for thats all and check every hour whether it is opening or not and then you need to contact the customer care of the pua website know that the reason why the site is not openning or not working. And next thing is that you need to do recheck in any other mobile and then list out it is opening another mobile and if it is is open it might be the problem of your mobile.

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