what is wordtracker

what is wordtracker

Wordtracker is a site that provides you with keyword researching purposes. It is the best useful platform that gives complete information on SEO without having any knowledge on how to research a keyword for your blog or website.

It has varieties of options that provide you with PPC (Paid per click) and also in finding the CPC ( Cost per Click) for a digital marketer. It has a great user interface for desktops and it is a mobile-friendly site.

This word tracker LLP provides you a free trial for new users who search for a keyword or discover a PPC keyword in word tracker it is there in the free trail of word tracker LLP. It is more than a google keyword planner. In the below chart, you find a complete difference between the google keyword planner and word tracker LLP.

what is wordtracker llp

In the above chart in google keyword planner, you will not see the amazon keywords finding tool but the word tracker will provide you to find amazon keywords also that will help you to grow your online sales on amazon.

In the word tracker, you will see actual banded results that suitable for your keyword competition also and you easily export all this keywords to your local computer directory easily. And you can get the information on new keywords in word tracker trends and you write the post into your blog.

Word tracker will also provides you there API for your website to find the fast keywords and to make business with the keyword research tool also. it is the best keyword research tool more than ahref , moz, semrush, seranking etc.

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